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Cassidy Nicole Laurence
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United States
17 year old aspiring Artist and Photographer
Message me about anything, I don't bite.


Flowers  Bees by ViridianRoses
Flowers Bees
A doodle I've been working on in my free time during class. Done in black sharpie pen, AKA if you mess up, just go with it.
Smoking Kills by ViridianRoses
Smoking Kills
Had to pick a social issue to create a drawing about for my art class, so I chose smoking.

I apologize for the crappy picture, I can't scan it because my art teacher is holding on to it for an art show.

I'm pretty happy with how this one came out.
Peace and Turmoil by ViridianRoses
Peace and Turmoil
A chalk pastel project I've been working on in art class, isn't exactly what I had in my head but not bad for the first time using chalk pastels. The prompt was movement, so I tried to show that through the fish and the water. Got 100% on it so I guess I did okay.😂
Sorry I haven't been on in so long. I've been so busy with school. I might start posting again soon as I catch up on all my school work.
Sailing at Dusk #2 by ViridianRoses
Sailing at Dusk #2
I was playing with the colors and I liked how this one came out. Like it much more than the original.

Its just a sail boat pulling into shore on Lake Erie at dusk.

The Original:
Sailing at Dusk by ViridianRoses 
Baby Elephant by ViridianRoses
Baby Elephant
I know I usually don't post drawings, but I've been working on my pencil skills lately and I like how this one came out.
Bliss by ViridianRoses
A few years ago, lotus flowers started to grow in the pond behind my house. Ever since, they've become one of my favorite flowers. They're big, they're beautiful, and they smell great. Siting on the mossy banks and staring out at a sea of lotus flowers is pretty surreal. Not to mention all the animals love them, especially the muskrats.
Sailing at Dusk by ViridianRoses
Sailing at Dusk
I would have said "sailed off into the sunset" but they were actually sailing away from the sunset; I can't lie to you like that.

The only time I thoroughly enjoy Lake Erie is at sunrise and sunset, that's when it's pretty enough to make you forget about the dead fish smell and all the raw sewage.
Colors of Spring by ViridianRoses
Colors of Spring
I took this a few weeks ago, just as the leaves were starting to come out of their buds. The red and orange leaves on the ground from last fall contrasted so nicely with the green leaves that were just popping out. The old and the new.

Kinda makes me wish I was a goose, that looks like a awesome place to swim.
Gray Tree Frog by ViridianRoses
Gray Tree Frog
Or so I think...

Apparently they tend to vary in appearance quite a bit, so please forgive me if this isn't a Gray Tree Frog.

I found him and his buddy sleeping in a mess of honeysuckle vines by my garden. I guess I woke the poor guy up. He's got some amazing eyes.
Chase by ViridianRoses
Behind my house, there is this huge pond. All year round there are Canadian geese and Mallard ducks in it. So I went back there to take some pictures and since it's breeding season, the males were attacking each other. Even though I had front row seats in the splash zone, I had a hard time taking action shots of the fights because they got so close to me I couldn't keep them in frame. Oh well, still cool shot anyways.
Marley by ViridianRoses
Haven't posted a picture of Marley in such a long time. Say "hi," Marley.

She's an outdoor cat, but recently she's been super determined to get into the house. The other night, I heard meowing, and usually when I look out the window, she's siting on the deck looking into my bedroom. Well when I went to look for her, I couldn't see her. Suddenly, I look up, and she's siting on the roof trying to climb into my window from above. So at 3 in the morning, I made a ramp for her to climb up into my window so she can come into my bedroom whenever I leave my window open.

I'm regretting this, because it's been cold lately and so the past few nights she just been sitting on the top of the ramp crying, waiting for me to open my window.Of course I can't let her in at night because my dog sleeps in my room. Poor Marley wants to be a house cat. I feel so bad, but she's okay now because it's getting warm again.

Little Daffoldils by ViridianRoses
Little Daffoldils
The daffodils say it's spring, but 40°F weather begs to differ. :criesthrust:

Spring? Spring, come home! Where have you gone?
Guardian of the Forest by ViridianRoses
Guardian of the Forest
My aussie, Rowdy, just sitting in the side-yard. He loves the woods; he knows them like the back of his...paw? Anyways, he could really use a bath because he's starting to reek of creek mud.
Atlas, Meet Flowers! by ViridianRoses
Atlas, Meet Flowers!
Atlas, Marley's kitten, is enjoying his first spring. He seems oddly fascinated by these good-smelling, colorful, bee-factories sprouting out of the ground. He was just sitting there watching the bees, of course, curiosity got to him and he started swatting at them. I'm waiting for him to get stung!comiss- Pandacat la  bee
Keep Your Eyes on the Prey by ViridianRoses
Keep Your Eyes on the Prey
This is one of the feral kittens that were born at my house. She's actually pretty sweet for a wild cat, and likes to hangout with me, as long as I don't try and touch her (but shes so soft...). hmpf 

She loves to hunt and happen to be watching an angry squirrel who was screeching at her. She seems to have a recent obsession with hunting squirrels, too bad those squirrels are bigger than her! 
The Painted Desert by ViridianRoses
The Painted Desert
So, excuse the quality. I took this photo 3 years in Monument Valley National Park, Utah—you know, the place where every western ever was filmed—and that was back when I had a function potato for a camera and no clue how to use it. That camera, while I loved that dear baby, had a whole whopping 8mp and a wonderful tendency to leave out details. I still absolutely love the idea of the picture, so I'm uploading it anyways. Flaws and all. 

It's such a beautiful place, definitely something my Ohioan eyes was not prepared for! :D
Rainbow Lorikeet by ViridianRoses
Rainbow Lorikeet
Taken at the Cleveland Zoo. They have this room where you can walk in and they're like 20-30 of them flying around, it's really neat. Beautiful birds.



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