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Cassidy Nicole Laurence
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
16 year old aspiring Artist and Photographer

Professional Procrastinator
Master of Unfinished Projects
Sleep Marathoner
Netflix Binge Watcher
Nature Enthusiast

You get the idea.

Message me about anything, I don't bite.


Guardian of the Forest by ViridianRoses
Guardian of the Forest
My aussie, Rowdy, just sitting in the side-yard. He loves the woods; he knows them like the back of his...paw? Anyways, he could really use a bath because he's starting to reek of creek mud.
Atlas, Meet Flowers! by ViridianRoses
Atlas, Meet Flowers!
Atlas, Marley's kitten, is enjoying his first spring. He seems oddly fascinated by these good-smelling, colorful, bee-factories sprouting out of the ground. He was just sitting there watching the bees, of course, curiosity got to him and he started swatting at them. I'm waiting for him to get stung!comiss- Pandacat la  bee
I dedicate this journal entry to my beloved. We had a great 4 years, I'll never forget you.
You were kind, sweet, and always knew how to entertain me endlessly.
Sure you were a little slow at times, but you lived longer than most.
I did some of my best work with you, and it'll never be the same without you in my life.
I'll forever cherish what you gave me, I promise you that. We learned so much together, so much time was spent together.
I still cling to the hope that perhaps one day we'll find each other again, even if it isn't in this life.
I still think about the night I lost you.

I only wish I could retrieve all those lost memories.

R.I.P. you giant stupid MacBook. 2011-2015~They don't make them like you anymore.

Oh, did I forget to mention that it was only my laptop?

Though it certainly feels like someone died!

What actually happened to her was my dog, Boo, has a certain determination to become one with me. Wherever I go, he goes. It's really sweet most times, but when I'm trying to get work done, his constant need to sit on me is irritating. I think, if he knew how, he would slice me open and live inside my corpse. Morbid, but I swear that dog wants to wear my skin. So one particular night while sitting on my bed, I was in the middle of writing some notes for school. He kept wanting to sit on my lap, or in this case, my precious laptop. I kept shooing him away. Finally after his 5th attempt to sit one me, I got a bit angry and shoved him away, incidentally hitting my window sill, spilling a full glass of orange juice that I had sat there earlier. As if spilling orange juice all over my bed and me wasn't enough of a sticky mess, it spilled I watched in horror as a large quantity of orange juice slithered its way into my keyboard. I panicked, and flipped my laptop upside down in hopes the orange juice would kindly find itself back out once again. I shut her off and tried to purge the orange juice from her body but I was too late. The next day her keys were glued shut with dried orange juice, and her brain was fried. All she could do was make a unsettling "boop" every 5 seconds.

I don't have the cash to take her in to be fixed up, if it's even possible. So I retired her until further notice. Luckily just the day before, I had transferred almost all of my pictures from the past 4 years or so onto my desktop computer. However, silly me could of easily backed up ALL of my files onto the same 2TB external hard drive and none of this would be all that bad. I lost a stuff, but losing all of my pictures might of been enough for me to eat a shoe.

"Oh why waste the time to back up all my files, it's not like anything will ever happen to you laptop-san~!"


I can't decide who to blame. At first, I blamed my dog, but in reality all he wanted to do was love me. Then I blamed me, after all, I am the one who put a full glass of orange juice on the window sill and I AM the one who pushed my dog into the window sill. But who wants to blame themselves for something when you can blame something inanimate.

Well who's directly responsible for my laptop's destruction...? THE ORANGE JUICE!
Yup, from this point on, I blame the orange juice itself for ruining my laptop.
FU orange juice, you cruel, cruel tasty beverage.
I hate you.

But really, using a big clunky desktop computer with Windows Vista is almost like a personal hell for me. No more sitting comfortably in my bed, no sir. Which brings me to the next point. This computer doesn't have a lot of my essentials, and with my internet speeds, it's going to take quite a long time to set this puppy up. Meaning I probably won't be uploading any photos for a while. Maybe I'll do some drawings. I'm a little de-motivated at the moment to set all this stuff up and a bit busy catching up on a lot of back logged school assignments.

But do not fear, I'll be back to uploading the moment I feel some sun and see some leaves on the trees. :)

Yours truly,

-The Idiot who spills orange juice on her expensive and beloved laptop, just the day after convincing herself that backing her files up is pointless waste of time.

P.S. Learn from my mistakes. Remember to keep orange juice a safe 500 feet from your expensive equipment because it's only purpose in life is to ruin everything you love...Oh, and back up your precious files.
  • Mood: Outraged
  • Listening to: Colours by Grouplove (Spotify)
  • Drinking: definately not orange juice...
Keep Your Eyes on the Prey by ViridianRoses
Keep Your Eyes on the Prey
This is one of the feral kittens that were born at my house. She's actually pretty sweet for a wild cat, and likes to hangout with me, as long as I don't try and touch her (but shes so soft...). hmpf 

She loves to hunt and happen to be watching an angry squirrel who was screeching at her. She seems to have a recent obsession with hunting squirrels, too bad those squirrels are bigger than her! 



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